• Every bride wishes to have a unique wedding dress! Moreover, they want to highlight their individuality by adding a personal vision to their bridal look. This can happen when they collaborate with a designer to make a bespoke wedding dress. If you desire the same, you have the chance to share your unique personality and style with the world by opting for Pollardi wedding dresses.    Pollardi is a renowned brand in Ukraine that also has the largest manufacturing space in Europe. The work on each wedding dress is remarkable that can't take your eyes off. Designers of the brand possess creativity, a vision of aesthetics, and familiarity with colors that work best together. To be honest, these are some of the

  • Is your wedding around the corner? Are you excited to dress up in the most stylish wedding attire for your big day? Wedding dresses get new designs and styles with each new fashion season. As a bride, this means you'd probably be looking at looks right off the runway, which can be confusing because there are so many different styles. Obviously, it all comes down to choosing the bridal boutique for the outfit—the one you'll be wearing on your special day.   Choosing a bridal shop can be a fun and exciting thing to do. Boutiques showcase a lot of trendy wedding dress styles to choose from, which always distracts first-time buyers. Even if you have the finest piece in your hand

  • Has your loved one proposed to you for marriage? Are you anxious to look and feel perfect on your big day wearing the wedding dress of your dreams? To attain absolutely breathtaking grace on a wedding day, choosing the right wedding dress is paramount. Whether you wish to opt for a traditional white embroidered wedding gown or go a little trendy, there is always room for experiments, given that you start early with your wedding dress shopping.    While filtering down wedding dresses in NY boutiques, soon-to-be brides have claimed Lorraine Tyne Bridal to be their one-stop shop. We present unique and trendy wedding dresses designed by highly skilled and renowned designers like Pollardi or Daria Karlozi. You can even choose to

  • Firstly, congratulations to the future brides! Soon you are stepping into a new phase of life, so we hope you have a long and happy marriage journey.    We understand this time of your life is jammed with a mixture of emotions. There is happiness in marrying your one & only, but at the same time, a slight nervousness about how your married life will last. Moreover, you go through a roller coaster ride to choose the perfect bridal dress. To meet your dream dress, it's vital to make the most out of your first wedding dress appointment.    To be honest, it's hard work to have a successful appointment on the first go. No biggie, we are there to eliminate your stress and