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Beginner’s Guide: How to Make a Wedding Dress Appointment

Beginner’s Guide: How to Make a Wedding Dress Appointment

Selecting a wedding dress from a boutique is not like going to the mall to buy any random outfit; it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing or experience that needs to be carefully planned. All bridal boutiques are not the same. Each one serves with different designer names and provides different services as per their custom expectations. So how do you choose where to go shopping for your wedding dress? Lorraine Tyne Bridal Store featuring top designers, is one of the best places to shop unique and elegant wedding gowns. Here you get customized wedding dresses of good fabric and perfect fit. 


We have made a list of the six most important things you should think about before making a wedding dress appointment.

Wedding Dress Appointment

The search for the perfect wedding dress is both daunting and exciting.  For the majority of us, this is the first and only time we will ever shop for a wedding dress. The search for a perfect gown may go wrong if you book a wedding dress appointment without any research work. In order to make the procedure as enjoyable and simple as possible, we have compiled this guide to wedding dress shopping with our best advice.

wedding dress appointment

1. Designer’s Collection:

Each bridal shop has tie-ups with some designers of wedding dresses that they showcase in their shops. Conducting research on the designer dress collections will let you know what kinds of dresses they have and what you can expect to try on at your appointment. If you like certain designer dresses on Instagram or Pinterest and can’t wait to try them on, start your search at a store that has featured them online. Check out websites to see what styles and design ideas are unique, and save pictures of any you like.

2. Appointment Duration:

If you are in a hurry to choose a dress, that’s not the right way to make such an important decision. Get to know the duration of the wedding dress appointment they provide to see if it gives you enough time to really make a good choice.

3. Type of Experience:

All the bridal wedding dress boutiques are different, and based on their selection, space, staff, and location, they offer different types of experience and levels of service to the brides. Take time to look into the style of the boutique and the services they offer. Are they also engaging multiple customers at the same time? Will you have your own room to get dressed? Are they providing a personal stylist to guide you? Will you have to show your family and friends the dresses in front of strangers?

4. Price:

Find out what range of prices the wedding dress boutique has for their gowns. Set your own budget and ensure the store you choose has dresses in your price range, so you don’t waste time or get your hopes up only to be disappointed. It doesn’t make sense to book a wedding dress appointment in a store you can’t afford or, on the other hand, in a shop that doesn’t carry the designer and quality of dresses you want for your wedding.

5. Privacy:

Does anybody want to be standing next to another bride in a fitting room while they try on the same dress? Private appointments are a great way to try on dresses and feel like the VIP person in the wedding dresses boutique. After all, you are the bride! Top wedding dress stores offer a  VIP experience that you can get during your wedding appointments. They only book appointments for one person at a time, so you always get the required attention.

6. Number of Guests:

Mostly, boutiques have limits on how many people you can bring with you. Before making an appointment, get this information to avoid any kind of inconvenience and embarrassment in accompanying extra friends/family members. Bring the most trusted friends and family members with you to your wedding dress appointment.


Every time a bride comes to Lorriane Tyne Bridal Boutique, she gets a VIP appointment. Book an appointment and have the experience of touching and feeling the fabric of dresses before buying. We believe that the day when you say yes to your wedding dress or gown should be just as special and exciting as the day you wear it.

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