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Estimated delivery on November 21, 2024
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Color Available: Ivory (as pictured)

Available Sizes: US 0 – US 16

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Returns are available for standard sizes within 7 days. Custom orders, Boudoir and Evening Dresses are final sale.
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The Suzy dress of the mermaid silhouette with long sleeves creates an effect of sophistication. It conveys charm and majesty. Beaded lace with floral motifs is created according to the latest trends. The tank top of the dress with a square neckline on the front and on the back makes the image more luxurious. And the fitted skirt with vertical reliefs on the front and back makes the bride feel seductive. Buttons on the back and on the sleeves are hand-embroidered with crystal and beads and successfully fit into the overall mood of the product.

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US 0, US 2, US 4, US 6, US 8, US 10, US 12, US 14, US 16, Custom Size


As pictured

Lorraine Tyne Bridal Reviews

Reviewed On 2/21/2024 by Tonie R
Thank you so much!! We are so excited! This is definitely the dress and veil that I want! We had an incredible experience shopping with your sales associate as well.
Reviewed On 1/13/2024 by Rachel C
I ordered online and my dress is MORE beautiful in person than in the pictures!!!!!!!
Reviewed On 1/08/2024 by Cora H
Thank you for making my wedding dress journey so special! I’ve been to other places and the vibe is stressful. At Lorraine Tyne I felt relaxed and it was easy to choose what I wanted because my stylist was kind and not pushing me to make a decision during my appointment. For brides who prefer this type of vibe I would def recommend.
Reviewed On 10/8/2023 by Elaine
Yes!! My dress arrived, and it is even more beautiful than I thought it would be. It’s perfect!
Reviewed On 4/15/2023 by Susan G
I had almost given up on finding a dress that I loved. I had been to many other places. This store has different and wonderfully special dresses.They are more expensive but I thought they were worth it
Reviewed On 4/15/2023 by Ava B.
Thank you so much for my beautiful dress! I am still in awe...
Reviewed On 2/16/2023 by Kathy C
Bought my wedding dress and overskirt off their website. I moved after I placed the order I was very nervous that it would not be delivered correctly and on time. But everything went so well. Grateful and happy that I chose this site!
Reviewed On 1/27/2023 by CH
Everything with the dress is perfect!!! Thanks I love it so much and you guys have been the best wedding dress shop experience!!!
Reviewed On 1/8/2023 by Jennifer L
I was supposed to use my aunt’s veil as my “something borrowed” but it was a couple of shades too dark. I searched and searched and found this veil which is an actual match for the lace on my dress! The lace is delicate and the material is soft. So happy with my veil!
Reviewed On 1/4/2023 by Stephanie S
This is even prettier in person! I can't wait to wear this for my Spring 2023 wedding date. I needed a dress with sleeves to cover up my tattoo but something that was still sexy -and my style-and I found it! This is just perfect for me.
Reviewed On 12/12/2022 by Chanda Lothian
My stylist was amazing. She was very helpful. she made my shopping experience delightful. I truly appreciate her help in my process of wedding gown selection.
Reviewed On 11/30/2022 by Catherine D
I had so many questions about getting the right size and the customer service emailed me with answers to all of them. I am 5’11 and usually wear a size 12 so I was really worried about how a dress like this would fit me. I had to make some minor alterations but overall it is an amazing amazing dress. Also they were so patient with all my questions and concerns that I sent to them.
Reviewed On 10/12/2022 by Nilla
Two dresses in one! I fell in love with this dress when I saw it posted on a reel. I love everything about it, the lace, the sequins, the super low V. My favorite thing about this is that the sleeves are detachable! I only wanted sleeves for my ceremony because it’s a traditional ceremony but I ddnt want to buy a bolero or a cape. With sleeves I can take off im able to go strapless for the reception and after party. The only thing I will say is that I wish there were more sequins on the corset of the dress. Other than that it’s exactly what I wanted.
Reviewed On 11/12/2022 by Lorpan B
Very Elegant...I just want to say I am pleased with my elegant ,stunning dress I Love it So Much . Excellent Job Thank You ♥
Reviewed On 11/29/2021 by Laura D
Lorraine Tyne Bridal exceeded all my expectations! I purchased my dress (and veil) late Dec 2019 for our August 2020 wedding. Even with the pandemic, the dress came on time and it was perfect! Keisha was incredibly helpful and accessible by email and text throughout the process. 10/10 recommend!
Reviewed On 12/16/2021 by Sandra P
Love the Chic boutique in Beacon NY. Customer service was outstanding. Beautiful dresss and jewelry. Will definitely recommend to friends.
Reviewed On 12/14/2021 by Jo M
We had such an amazing visit to Lorraine Tyne. They had such an exciting selection with styles I hadn’t seen anywhere else! They also made me feel so special as a bride! Would buy every dress if I could!
Reviewed On 10/15/2021 by Jenny S
I remembered it so clearly!! My fiancé and I had a very short engagement period. We planned our wedding within 3 months!! So between booking the DJ, Photographer, the Venue!!! It was crazy. I was very happy to find LorraineTyne Bridal right in my area in Beacon, NY! I tried on many dresses that day and my sales consultant was extremely patient with me and had great knowledge of every detail of the gowns. I finally found my dream dress with them. I was so excited that part of my planning was over. I also saw they sell wedding jewelry and accessories; I was sold. I bought my necklace and earrings with them and it went so beautiful with my dress!! I love this place! Mrs. St Albert
Reviewed On 3/16/2019 by Kaitlyn G
I went to Lorraine Tyne in beacon for my first day of wedding dress shopping. I am not a heavy girl by any means but I do have hips and a butt with a small top. When I went here we stood outside for a while while we were on time to our appointment the woman at the front desk to open the store for us was not. So we waited a while and tried calling a few times to see why the door was locked. When the lady finally arrived and let us in we had been standing there for at least 20minutes over our appointment time. The dresses were beautiful on the hangers but I literally could not get one of them over my head, and as I said I’m a small top and a hippy girl. So I went there to see the dresses on the rack and of course didn’t find a single one I liked because I couldn’t see it on me. My sister had come as well as one of my maids of honor. She recently lost a bunch of weight and is tiny now and one of them I wanted to see couldn’t even fit over her hips so that I could see it on a person. I don’t know who they were thinking was walking into their store. I bet the lady behind the counter couldn’t even fit into a single dress because she was larger then I am. Nothing wrong with having curves people. If you wear more than a double 0 to a size 2 don’t go here because you’ll have a limited selection of what will and won’t fit. Only reason they got 2 stars from me was because the dresses were pretty. I couldn’t even say the lady was helpful because she just stood behind the counter watching me struggle with finding anything to fit over my head.
Reviewed On 11/01/2017 by Victoria C
I placed a special order with this boutique. I was referred by a coworker and a friend. I'm glad to review because it was a great experience. The consultant worked with me and sent me a lot of pictures until I found exactly what I wanted. Even though it wAs a long process I am happy because I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
Reviewed On 11/01/2017 by Victoria C
I placed a special order with this boutique-I was referred by a coworker & friend. I am happy to review because it was a great experience. The consultant worked with me and sent me pictures for my special order. The process took awhile because I had something very specific in mind. But I was SO happy with the end result. Thank you.
Reviewed On 11/01/2017 by Clarisa K
I love this store! Their accessories make any occasion extra special. I recently bought the pearl cuff bracelet and pear earrings which I plan on wearing for New Year's eve. The only thing that comes close to the quality of their accessories is their cystomer service. They honestly do their best to make you happy. Bottom line go and see for yourself.
Reviewed On 11/01/2017 by Henrietta L
I purchased the Noelle cuff from the Facebook shop. It was SO GORGEOUS!! Thank you for the quick delivery...thank you for your efficiency!
Reviewed On 10/30/2017 by Caitlin M
Really cute store with about 30 dresses to choose from. I was able to find my dress on the first visit. After measurements, I had the dress in little under 3 weeks. I would recommend them for gowns and their beautiful jewelry.
Reviewed On 10/29/2017 by Precious H
"I love Lorraine Tyne. My friend introduced their website to me and I looked through past services and events taken and I was impressed. So I decided to try them out. They’ve got an amazing grasp of knowledge in what they do… I love their idea suggestions when we were planning, they have this glamour and the picture they painted inside of my head was realistic and I couldn’t wait to have this dream becoming a reality. They are just perfect at what they do… My husband couldn’t hold his words; he was like “baby, never stop looking this amazing for the rest of our lives.” This was the best day of my life and Lorraine Tyne Bridal made it so. I recommend them to anyone who wants a glamour and amazement on either their Bridal Shower or Wedding Day. They are simply amazing!"
Reviewed On 10/27/2017 by jue m
Lorraine Tyne Bridal is an amazing store! It is the perfect spot to find your wedding jewelry! Thanks to them i finally found my dream headpiece and i am so in love with it , i could'nt be more happier , really , thank you so much !
Reviewed On 10/26/2017 by Navneet K
Lorraine Tyne Bridal is a great spot to purchase jewelry for your wedding. They have all the essential products i.e. jewelry,and headpieces online. I found it very beneficial as it saved my time and money both. It is a best choice so I would like to recommend Lorraine Tyne Bridal to those who needs jewelry and other accessories for the wedding day.
Reviewed On 10/26/2017 by Amanda M
"Environment, Selection and Customer Quality...I absolutely love coming here "
Reviewed On 10/02/2017 by Kelly M
I am so glad I went to Lorraine Tyne Bridal. I already had my dress but was struggling to find the right accessories- especially a belt. I was a little indecisive about what I wanted but the staff was so patient and helpful. I was able to work directly with the designer to make sure I got exactly what I envisioned for my wedding day. I went for my final fitting for the belt today and cannot be happier! It is beautiful and matches my dress perfectly. I cannot wait to wear it on my big day! I am so happy with the service and beautiful belt I received from Lorraine Tyne Bridal!
Reviewed On 7/25/2017 by Sandra P
What a charming boutique! I love my earings and the customer service is definitely first class. Thank you for such a lovely experience. See you soon.
Reviewed On 10/31/2016 by Ruth T
Lorraine Tyne Bridal provided excellent recommendations for my wedding ring and gave me their honest opinion. I felt like I was given real advice from a close friend or a family member. They went through a few jewelry items that I was interested in on the website and were 100% patient with my choosing process. Thank you for being understanding on one of the most important days of my life. This set the mood for my wedding entirely
Reviewed On 10/30/2016 by Simone L
My experience with Lorraine Tyne was very enjoyable! The layout of the website was professional and organized. Each section was easy to navigate and I was able to find the jewelry I was looking for within 15 minutes. The on site support was phenomenal and we were able to check everything out without delay or issue. Thank you Lorraine Tyne Bridal for the high level of service provided.
Reviewed On 10/30/2016 by Vera F
When I was planning for my wedding I had no idea where to get my dream jewelry, until I came across Lorraine Tyne, I decided to check their online store, I was so amaze because there were many pieces to choose from, I got a beautiful pearl earrings and pearl bracelet , I wore it for my wedding and I was so happy because it looked stunning on me and received tons of complement from friends. I highly recommend lorraine Tyne for brides looking for something stunning and amazing for their big day!!!
Reviewed On 10/29/2016 by Julie M
There are not enough positive words to use when reviewing Lorraine Tyne. Their jewelry and accessories are stunning, individual, and unique - three qualities that every bride should have and feel on their special day! To further add to the experience, each and every employee is warm, friendly and gave me the most personalized and special treatment! I was so impressed with the time and focus that they took to make sure that my accessories and hair clip were nothing but perfect. I would strongly recommend visiting their store if you are getting married and/or planning for your bridal shower.
Reviewed On 10/29/2016 by Angel F
Lorraine Tyne Bridal was an enjoyable on site experience. The jewelry on the website was extravagant and beautifully designed. The website was easy to navigate and there was on site technicians that were able to provide support whenever I needed them to. I was able to pick out a few pieces of jewelry that will make my wedding something to remember.
Reviewed On 10/29/2016 by Katy S
Lorraine Tyne Bridal provided me with incredible service from beginning to end. They allowed me to establish a schedule to meet with them which made me feel like I had their undivided attention for my special day! They were very accommodating towards me and I felt like this was the perfect preparation for my upcoming wedding. Everything was done timely and efficiently. This was the perfect pre-meditated relaxing setting before my wedding!
Reviewed On 10/29/2016 by Rachel M
Lorraine Tyne was a well orchestrated, step by step custom jewelry maker that I felt catered to my needs perfectly! They were very hands on with what I envisioned for my wedding and they invested a lot of time in finding me the jewelry I asked for. Definitely not used to this kind of commitment. The staff was always helpful, gave their honest opinion about what looked good on me, and offered flexibility when I would come to the store sporadically. They are very accommodating and it shows with their actions that they appreciate what they do. If you are looking for some wedding jewelry, Lorraine Tyne Bridal is a triple threat. Friendly, dependable, and Transparent. What you see is what you get!
Reviewed On 10/27/2016 by Vivian S
I am not someone who typically writes reviews, but in this case I feel it is necessary. I wish to use this medium to thank you for helping me get the jewelry I needed for my wedding. You not only helped me get this jewelry but made it really fun without any pressure. So Without continuing this drawl of a review and trying not to sound extremely pretentious, I highly recommend Lorraine Tyne Bridal Beacon jewelry store, you won't be disappointed!
Reviewed On 10/27/2016 by Sarah B
Lorraine Tyne is my go-to jewelry and accessories store any time I have a special occasion...or even when I just need some every day "sparkle!" Their pieces are stunning and I always get tons of compliments when I wear their jewelry! This is the BEST store, especially if you are a Bride or in a wedding. No one has jewelry that compares in the Hudson Valley and even beyond into Connecticut.
Reviewed On 10/25/2016 by Beth A
I am an honorary Beaconite but I live in Manhattan and this is one of my favorite stores! These girls are on the cutting edge with a sense of fashion – I can shop in Beacon and be ahead of the trend in New York. Also, the pieces have an extra nice quality and style and at a fraction of the price that I can find anywhere else. Add to that the fabulous sisters who run the store and you have really fun browsing / shopping experience. I love to shop here for myself and for gifts and really recommend you stop by!
Reviewed On 10/25/2016 by Frances C
Lorraine Tyne Bridal is undoubtedly the very best jewelry experience I have had. I recently purchased the pearl cuff bracelet and apart from their customer service which was very friendly and professional, i have gotten many compliments from family, friends, co-workers and even strangers on how beautiful this pieces is. I will be using them over and over again. Highly recomended!
Reviewed On 10/25/2016 by Penelope P
For all you girls getting married this fall, Lorraine Tyne is just the place for your wedding jewelry. Simply Gorgeous!!! What I especially love about the jewellery from LT is how they bring together elegance and simplicity. I don't need a bulky gold necklace weighing me down on my wedding night, what I need is an adornment that complements my dress and brings out the colour in my eyes and that is what LT brought to me; a means to accentuate the beauty in me.
Reviewed On 10/22/2016 by India G
If you are look for exquisite bridal jewelry than Lorraine Tyne is your go to collection. I absolutely love their one of a kind couture pieces. You are sure to make a lasting statement in Lorraine Tyne!
Reviewed On 9/17/2016 by Lisa F
I recently celebrated my son's baptism, and after purchasing the dress for the event I knew the only place that could help me accessorize would be LT! The staff there is absolutely amazing always so friendly and accommodating. I could spend all day trying on jewelry and dresses there! And if they don't have what you are looking for in stock they are always so helpful in ordering just the right items. I cannot wait for New Year's Eve! I will be sure to try on their selection of evening gowns and bling! For weddings and beyond LT gives you the red carpet experience and the A list celebrity treatment !!! Love you LT ladies!!
Reviewed On 9/16/2016 by Lauren F
I had a wonderful experience at Lorraine Tyne. They were able to special order a beautiful headpiece for my mother on my wedding day. They were very timely and wonderful to work with!
Reviewed On 8/24/2014 by Stephanie B
I was able to purchase my wedding necklace and earrings from this vendor and the staff was very helpful and friendly.
Reviewed On 7/31/2014 by Lisa P
The LT girls are a pleasure to work with! Their smiles shine just as bright as their gorgeous Bridal Couture jewelry. The styles and selections that they are offer are unlike anywhere else. Why fight mall traffic? Or highways, when you can grab yourself a latte and shop the quaint town of Beacon. If you're becoming a Mrs. You won't want to Miss-Them! I purchased my bridal accessories, my bridesmaids gifts, my mother's jewelry, and my best friends birthday gift all in the same day! Check out their facebook page for upcoming "wine parties." Great wine, great ladies, and bling? Honestly, what more can you want? Keep on shining girls!
Reviewed On 7/26/2014 by Caitlyn P
I recently purchased some beautiful accessories from Lorraine Tyne for my big day. Not only did the jewelry go beautifully with my dress but I received compliments all night. My earrings were gorgeous and great quality. I was also able to purchase some great pieces for my maid of honor that she loved as well. Couldn't be happier with my purchase, I look forward to purchasing again for future events.
Reviewed On 7/25/2014 by stephanie s
I've been planning for my upcoming wedding, and the jewelry that I wear on my big day is very important to me. I've heard good things about lorraine tyne, so I decided to check out the online store. Wow. So many pieces to choose from, and the prices were all well within my budget! So far, I've just purchased a necklace, but I plan on buying a few more pieces. I highly recommend lorraine tyne for brides looking for something special for their big day!
Reviewed On 7/25/2014 by Knottie7781580
Hi I have just bought the Freshwater water cuff and matching pearl earrings. I really liked them and yes they provided me very fast shipping. The quality really exceeded my expectations. I recommend it to everyone.
Reviewed On 7/24/2014 by hayleydeloitte
Buying jewelry online is not something one does lightly, particularly if you have never used the store before. It's a matter of blind trust. I sent a friend of mine to go "look at the store, check whether they are real because that their prices are staggering." I contacted customer service who turned into my sales manager and point of contact. I was pressing the company to get the jewelry to me at an address that I was going to be at for one week, but that did not work - I was too eager.However, when I called and said I was leaving and would they be able to send the jewelry to another address, That was no issue and it was sent to me. The FedEx notification said I would get the package in three to four days. I got it the next day. I was so satisfied and impressed. The jewelry I ordered are perfect and unbelievable - even more stunning than I envisioned. I definitely recommend lorrainetyne if you're looking for good quality wedding jewelry. They are professional and efficient and I can't say enough! Thank you!
Reviewed On 7/08/2014 by Knottie34842363
I'm so glad I came across Lorraine Tyne's jewelry in time for my wedding! I picked out a beautiful necklace and earrings for myself as well as 6 amazing necklaces for my bridesmaids. All of the pieces were great quality and I couldn't be happier! I've referred them to a few friends who also got their wedding jewelry from here also!
Reviewed On 7/08/2014 by Knottie74128523
I absolutely LOVE lorraine tyne! Great selection of beautiful jewelry at an incredible price. I always find new things to love!
Reviewed On 7/07/2014 by kristendigs
Lorraine Tyne has a wide selection of jewelry and helped me to plan the wedding of my dreams. I was wanting some jewelry to match my gown that would help me to stand out on my special day. There was so much to choose from and I ended up finding the perfect earrings and necklace set for me. Since I loved all of the bridal wear, I decided to go with some earrings for my bridesmaids as well. Lorraine Tyne wedding jewelry pampers every bride and makes her feel spectacular on her special day. I would highly recommend.
Reviewed On 3/05/2014 by Ashley
Lorraine Tyne is a great place to go for your wedding jewlery! The staff was very professional and went above and beyond to help me. They even opened the store after hours to accommodate my schedule and helped customize a few pieces for my wedding. Overall I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for affordable and tasteful jewlery and accessories.
Reviewed On 3/04/2014 by Jill P
Lorraine Tyne has Gorgeous jewelry!!! I wore the most Beautiful pearl earrings and pearl bracelet for our dream Wedding! Excellent customer service! And I would highly recommend Lorraine Tyne jewelry to everybody!!!